There’s a signpost up ahead


So it’s day 3 back on the meds and all the side effects are creeping me out; racing heart, panic attacks, sweats, the whole shebang. Ugh. Not immediately suicidal though. Which is nice. Took a long walk yesterday –one of my patented Death March to Bataan excursions- but didn’t have the energy this morning.

I spoke with a friend on the phone last night. He’s recovering from a broken ankle and worried about how he’ll pay for everything, along with managing the pain as well as his loss of mobility. His ex-girlfriend just moved out of their home this week and he has to figure a way to keep making the mortgage payments on his income. He’s a freelance writer for a local newspaper. You can do the math.

Earlier there had been a phone conversation with another friend. Apparently he’d spent the night in jail and his older son was still locked up. The whole family unit (said friend and his two sons) were handcuffed and hauled away after the elder son went on a rampage through the house. The police showed up and ordered everybody on the ground and things went even more sideways from there. He wasn’t formerly charged but obviously things are not too spiffy over there.

Apparently this is Wreck Week for myself as well as others. Bet it could be a blockbuster series on the Discovery channel. All the tension, scares and anticipation of Shark Week but with Real People of Reno. Damn. I’m already counting the royalties sure to come this way.

Crazy is not taking today off for the holiday. It’s hanging out here at the house with me. Maybe we should have a glass of wine. Get to know each other better.

~miss b