Bi-Polar Part Deux. Now with 25% More Placebo!

I’ll take 72 Hours on a locked unit for 100 Alex

If Spiderman forgets to take his meds… Published July 17, 2013 by merbear74

It’s a feeling of agitation/restlessness combined with an inability to concentrate.
The new medication is called Abilify but nowhere does it say Abili-not.

Titrating off the 150mg of Effexor and have one more week at 37.5 before I’m done with it for good. Been on the Effexor (and a plethora of other psychotropics) regimen for over 15 years.
Turns out that some anti-depressants (i.e. all of the ‘new’ non MAOIs) make Bi-Polar II worse.
Who knew?

Why tell me though? It could have been a secret. In fact it very well may be because I’ve never read that before. Leave it to a psychiatrist that’s been dulled by dealing with the dregs of the city.
What’s a 72 hour observation in a locked unit good for if not experimentation? Nothing I tell you.

Well maybe the utter boredom, probable petty criminals, whole milk in those little cartons like you got in grammar school, completely sideways schizophrenics and other erudite folk of blinding intelligence and refined cultural values.

To think that I checked myself in.
Must have been a bad day to give up crack.

I said to the doc after my first 24 hours in the county funded snake pit “So, what am I supposed to do? Discuss Offenbach with drooly over there? Say, maybe the condescending ignorant nurse wants to organize a round-table on quantum physics and Tycho Brahe?”

The doc didn’t laugh but the Intern with him cracked a serious grin. At least I was kept in a private room for the 72 hours. Seems that my intelligence, wit, hygiene and knowledge placed me in a somewhat different sphere.  Does this mean that all the cool crazies can afford insurance? I’m that much of an outsider in this place? I feel worthy indeed.

Something about suicidal ideation combined with a plan and the means to carry it off would not allow them to release me early, even though i checked myself in. Some people can’t take a joke. I thought it was called the funny farm.

Made the mistake of telling my plans to a doc at Nevada Mental Health; was only there to fill out paperwork to qualify for low-cost therapy and free meds.
First Rule of Loony Bin. Do not talk about Loony Bin.

Well my  powers of concentration tonight are just about up. Have not written a regular blog for two days so just consider this a placebo.
The new cocktail is screwing me up. Ever had this experience? Sure you have.
Abilify, Lamictal, Lithium, Xanax, Levothyroxine, and Dyazide. Doesn’t even count the sleeping pills.
There has got to be a better way. Yeah, and people ask why I used to drink.

Here are the conclusions brought about by this recent dance with the Nevada Mental Health program and the mixing of a new pharmaceutical cocktail. With two olives please.

Do I still have the gift of amusing thoughts? Sure.
Am I less suicidal than a week ago? Yes.
Do I want a break from being an experimental bipedal rodent? Oh yeah.
Have I finally figured out the question of why we are here? 42

There’s probably more that could be added to this list, but I have to take my meds now.

~miss b