Rumors About Us

This deranged yet amusing little blog is about my life as a bi-polar and clinically depressed  woman with no remaining viable skill sets and a dark sense of the absurd.

I do not sleep so I write.

My love, experiences and education are in music. Making a living in this field occupation is virtually impossible but I still play and sing most days.

Before my illness became so extreme I played music professionally (on in my case unprofessionally  -rim shot-) and owned a successful retail business and associated e-commerce site. So yeah, I also spend time screwing around with code and Photoshop. My last position of (paid) employment was as an Executive Producer for a well-known Hollywood Film and Television Studio.

In late August 2013 I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis after an acute, and wildly out-of-the-blue, onset. I’m on SSD for the bi-polar and constantly battle thoughts of suicide, depression, lunatic shrinks and how to keep the lights on given my poverty level. The meds keep changing but the song remains the same.
The TM has added a whole new dimension of heinous fuckery. Paralysis, chronic pain, electrical shocks, random falls, walkers, wheelchairs and wombats. Okay no wombats. Alliteration is good for the soul.

Think of the fun we’ll have dissecting life’s attempt to toss meaning, learning, love, sex and sponsored commercial breaks into the roiling river of day-to-day existence.

Take my hand and turn down the lights…


One thought on “Rumors About Us

  1. by chance, I saw a link to here this evening…well early morning. It hadn’t shown up before because I had switched/ messed around with our domain a few months ago; and had just put everything back to it’s original as of yesterday. I guess the stats page finally caught up. (and I finally remembered I had done the switch to begin with…duh=me)

    Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog.
    Hope you write more soon. You write well and I enjoyed reading.
    I guess that is putting it mildly. I used to be an avid reader *understatement* and not
    a lot holds my attention anymore, this did.

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